Austin Seven Manual to Borrow

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The club has a copy of The Austin Seven Manual (Doug Woodrow) which is available for club members to borrow for periods of one month.  This workshop manual contains descriptions and diagrams of all the major mechanical parts of the Austin Seven and will be a fantastic aid if you are about to embark on some mechanical work. Let the Secretary Paul Lawrence know if you would like to borrow it and you can either collect it at a club night or have it posted to you at your expense.

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John Coleman Books for Sale

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If you would like to buy a copy of these books please contact the Secretary (Details on Contact page)

Coleman’s Drive  – £5

This is the true story of John Coleman’s drive from Buenos Aires to New York in a 1925 Austin 7 Chummy, through the mountains, deserts and jungles of South and Central America.

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Coleman’s Cars – £3

Contains the story of John Coleman’s journey through the Americas. This book is about the cars he and his family have had since childhood and some of the stories that surrounded them.

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