Cambridge Austin 7 & Vintage Car Club

Welcome to the Website of the Cambridge Austin Seven and Vintage Car Club!

The Club has been in existence since the mid 1950’s and its origins can be traced back to the Cambridge University Austin Seven Club, established at a time when the Austin Seven was the favoured transport of the impoverished university student. You can read a full history of the Club here

We have monthly ‘Noggin and Natter’ meetings at 8pm on the first Wednesday of every month at The White Horse, Barton CB23 7BG. All Austin 7 and Vintage Car owners are welcome. The Club maintains a friendly atmosphere and has approximately fifty members, some of whom have been with the club for many years.

We also organise other events throughout the year ranging from road runs to camping weekends and social gatherings. A quarterly Newsletter is also provided, all for the cost of just £10 a year! For further information, please get in touch using details on our contact screen here